An Abilene man used a golf club to fish a bull snake out of his toilet and then released the reptile in his backyard.

To commemorate the wedding date they had set before the pandemic postponed their nuptials, a Temple couple staged a “goofy” funeral-themed photo shoot at a Whataburger.

The Department of Justice charged a Houston man with bank and wire fraud for allegedly spending COVID-19 relief funds on a Lamborghini and at strip clubs.

The online bidding war for a San Antonio woman’s vintage Selena T-shirt hit $5,100.

Nueces County drug agents discovered nearly $1 million worth of cocaine stuffed into boxes of bell peppers in the trailer of an eighteen-wheeler.

A Tarrant County sheriff’s deputy helped deliver a baby in a 7-Eleven parking lot.

Two men were charged in Taylor County with abuse of a corpse after they allegedly discovered a dead woman in a car, drove the corpse to the woman’s house, carried her inside, and left her on the couch.

A Denison woman tripped in her attic, and her leg plunged through the ceiling, disrupting her daughter’s videotaped practice audition for a school performance.

Three minors in Corsicana were arrested after a video of one of them drinking from juice bottles at a local Walmart and then putting them back on the shelf went viral.

Fifty thousand purple martins descended on a parking lot in McAllen, filling the sky for days and covering the ground with bird droppings.

After taking up piñata-making to pass the time during the pandemic, a Slaton woman created one in the shape of the COVID-19 virus and named it Covy.