An Austin man built a robot named Artie and a candy-shooting cannon to safely deliver treats on Halloween.

A horse cloned from the forty-year-old cryopreserved genetic material of an endangered Mongolian breed was born at a Canyon veterinary hospital.

A driver in Southlake, who was allegedly attempting to show off to a woman by accelerating quickly, collided with a pole and overturned his car by the town square.

An entire section of the stands at a University of Texas home football game was set aside for cutouts of dozens of different characters Matthew McConaughey has played.

A thirteen-year-old Lubbock girl nearly collided with a police vehicle after her intoxicated stepfather allegedly designated her to drive him to get some ice cream.

A San Angelo high schooler spent more than a hundred hours making 25 dog beds out of discarded fire hoses, at first to earn his Eagle Scout badge and then by popular demand.

An on-duty Katy police officer was accused of stealing from a local Walmart by switching the price tags of items and not scanning others in the self-checkout aisle on fourteen separate occasions in a one-month period.

A shipment, supposedly valued at about $4.3 million and including more than 1,800 pairs of counterfeit Dior shoes, was seized at the Dallas–Fort Worth port of entry.

After being dropped off with his owner’s parents in Spicewood for the weekend, a blue heeler named Axle escaped, swam across Lake Travis, and made the estimated fifty-mile journey back home to Marble Falls over two days.