A woman transported a monarch butterfly, which had hatched later than usual, by plane and car from Des Moines, Iowa, to San Antonio so it could join the mass migration of the species to Mexico for the winter.

Months after he went viral on social media for joking that the budget hotel where he and his family stayed during the February blackouts was the “Waldorf Astoria,” a grandfather in Irving stayed in the penthouse of the company’s luxury property in Rome, where he had been put up for free.

Upset and claiming that her to-go soup was so hot that it had melted the plastic lid, a woman threw the container at the face of a Temple restaurant employee, who said she sustained minor injuries.

Arlington Independent School District’s special education department constructed a Guinness World Record–setting, nearly 22-foot-long homecoming mum festooned with ribbons and featuring a large teddy bear.

Deputy sheriffs arrested a woman in Buda who they say pointed a gun at a seven-year-old who was trick-or-treating near her house.

Two escaped sheep led San Antonio Animal Care Services officers on a thirty-minute foot chase alongside a highway before police blocked off traffic so that the animals could be herded safely back home.

Following a fight in an Austin bar named Pour Choices, a nineteen-year-old man tried to flee from the police and, once detained, attempted to pay an officer $600 to let him go.

A man who successfully bid on a 1991 Ozona High School yearbook that was listed on eBay received the item only to realize that it was the copy he’d misplaced years earlier.

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