Twenty tons of pineapples spilled onto a freeway in Montgomery County after 2 eighteen-wheelers collided.

A man in Dallas died after he was apparently hit in the leg by the same bullet he used to shoot a woman, who survived.

With the help of bystanders, firefighters in El Paso rescued a motorist moments before a large sinkhole swallowed the front of her car.

A team of engineers at Rice University turned a dead wolf spider into a “necrobotic gripper” that is “capable of grasping objects with irregular geometries and up to 130 percent of its own mass.”

A man arrested in Lubbock after a hit-and-run told police that he was bad at drinking and driving.

A man consumed 52 Filipino spring rolls in ten minutes, winning a lumpia-eating contest held by a restaurant in Houston.

After fostering a dog from a local shelter and thinking it strongly resembled two dogs she already had, a Hunt County woman had the new pet’s DNA tested and learned that it was a sibling.

Looking for some solitude after having a falling-out with a friend, a man from Kyle spent five days kayaking nearly three hundred miles along the Colorado River from Austin to Matagorda Bay.

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