Six years after her Chihuahua went missing, a San Antonio woman received a voice mail from an animal shelter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, explaining that someone had found her pet.

A Richmond homeowners’ association requested a woman take down the Halloween decorations in her front yard, which featured skeletons pole dancing in colorful wigs.

A dog in Plano got its paw stuck in the trigger of a pistol tucked in its owner’s waistband and fired a shot into the man’s thigh.

Police found stacks of stolen tools, with an estimated value of more than a million dollars, in a Katy man’s home after arresting him on drug charges.

A Wichita Falls man allegedly stole a car from a stranger at a bar, brought it back a few hours later, and, when arrested, told police he drove away with the vehicle as a joke.

A raccoon loose in the halls of Euless Trinity High School dodged staff members and an animal control officer before evading capture when a pursuer opened a door to set it free.

On a flight from Jacksonville, Florida, to Houston, an intoxicated Universal City woman allegedly threw up on herself, took off her pants, got into an altercation with another passenger, and attempted to hit a flight attendant, ultimately forcing the plane to land in Mobile, Alabama.

Arlington residents made multiple 911 calls about a spiky gorilla-size creature with five legs roaming the streets, which police later identified as a man on stilts dressed up for Halloween as “the psychological image of fear.”