Two Chihuahuas that were inseparable at the San Antonio Humane Society received a wedding ceremony from the shelter.

A woman in Oklahoma discovered, via genetic testing, that she was the missing baby from a Houston crime scene forty years earlier, where her biological parents were murdered.

Attempting to fend off the attacks of his pet emu, a Midlothian man repeatedly struck it with a pool noodle.

Police arrested a woman in Tyler on one count of felony abuse of a corpse for allegedly spitting on a body at a funeral.

The Amarillo Zoo invited the public to try to identify a mysterious two-legged figure that was caught on a security camera walking near the perimeter fence late one night.

After breaking into the Dallas Museum of Art and destroying three ancient Greek vessels, a contemporary sculpture, and several other objects, a man told authorities he’d done so because he “got mad at [my] girl.”

A musician from Harris County who has rapped about robbing ATMs was arrested after police said he mugged an ATM technician.