A Longhorn from Rocksprings appears to have broken the Guinness World Record for largest horn span on a steer, measuring 11 feet, 1.8 inches from tip to tip—6.4 inches longer than the listed record.

A school bus driver in Copperas Cove mowed the grass at one of his stops so the children wouldn’t have to wait in tall weeds.

Seven chickens that live in coops at Van Raub Elementary School were released to kill crickets that had swarmed the campus.

A San Antonio realtor appeared in photos for a listing dressed as Pennywise the clown.

Mr. Mabel, a pet tortoise in Wichita Falls, went missing for several days before he was found six miles away and returned to his family.

A school trustee in Henderson was charged with paying two teenagers to slash the tires and tamper with the gas tank of a car belonging to his opponent in an upcoming election.

A Dallas man was charged with murder after he allegedly shot a suspected burglar outside his home, then went back to bed before calling 911 the next morning.

A lightning strike knocked the shoes and socks off of a man who was walking his three dogs in Spring, but all four survived.

During an attempted burglary, one suspect fell through the ceiling of a Fort Worth grocery store and was arrested by police, while his alleged partner kicked down a rear door and ran straight into another officer.

A Crockett man was arrested after allegedly robbing a bank to pay for a ring and venue for his wedding, planned for the following day.

A Houston woman grew a twenty-pound sweet potato in her garden and named it Patricia.

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “Meanwhile, in Texas.” Subscribe today.