A ten-year-old Richardson girl woke up one morning to find a raccoon calmly sitting next to her in bed.

Nine Gregg County jail employees resigned after it was revealed that they were watching movies on the job the night an inmate successfully escaped.

A sophomore at Axtell High School, near Waco, bought all his female classmates flowers for Valentine’s Day.

A Dallas exotic dancer who fractured her jaw when she fell fifteen feet while performing a routine on a pole decided to give up her job and enroll in aesthetician school.

A rare pink grasshopper—its color is the result of an uncommon genetic mutation—was spotted in Travis County.

Kmart announced that its shop in McAllen—the last Kmart in Texas—would close for good.

During the Texas primary, Democratic voters in the state’s Twenty-seventh Congressional District nominated a San Diego resident who simultaneously ran, unsuccessfully, for the Democratic nomination for a congressional seat in California—a race in which his father was running, also unsuccessfully, for the Republican nomination.

A man suspected of flashing people at a Whataburger in Houston was killed after he was hit by a car while running from police.

A Port Arthur man was sentenced to thirty days in jail and fined $1,000 after he posted a video of himself at a Walmart opening a container of Blue Bell ice cream and licking the contents, though he claimed that he immediately purchased the item.

A man was arrested for burning down a statue of a grackle outside Austin’s city hall.

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