A squirrel terrorized a Cypress neighborhood, inflicting bite wounds that sent two people to the hospital.

The Mars Wrigley Confectionery plant in Waco unveiled the world’s largest Snickers bar, which is twelve feet long and weighs 4,728 pounds.

A Flint woman and her daughter were charged with stalking after they allegedly used witchcraft and “demonic items” to scare an ex-girlfriend of the woman’s husband.

Hundreds of vultures made their home on a U.S. Customs and Border Protection radio tower in Kingsville, much to the chagrin of border officials who have had to deal with the birds’ frequent vomiting and defecation.

The co-owner of a pet food distributor in Muenster pledged to eat nothing but dog food for thirty days.

After he was fired from a Dallas restaurant, a man allegedly picked up a sword the staff used to cut open champagne bottles and began to swing it around.

An administrator at Arlington’s Oakridge School donated a kidney to the father of three of her students.

A San Antonio couple named their baby after an H-E-B cashier who helped them feel less stressed about the pregnancy by joking that the mother appeared to be “hiding a watermelon” under her shirt.

An Austin woman gave birth to a baby girl during her older child’s academic awards ceremony.

A Houston family that claimed their daughter’s Elsa doll might be haunted because it kept showing up in their house after they threw it away mailed it to a friend in Minnesota, who then taped it to his Jeep’s brush guard.