Hello, please stop whatever you’re doing and look at this dog.

Do you see her lil’ mustache? Do you love it? Do you love her? The rest of the internet does. On Monday—less than a week after Dallas’s Hearts and Bones Rescue posted looking for a foster family—Salvador Dolly went viral. The pup quickly lit up social media, and by Tuesday, she had made the journey from “shelter dog” to “viral shelter dog” to “famous dog making a guest appearance on Good Morning America.”

The shelter crew made an appearance on Good Morning America to promote the fact that, while they’ve found a foster family to care for Dolly and her ten brothers and sisters, they’re all going to be looking for their forever homes in the next few weeks. That got a lot of folks in Texas excited at the prospect of welcoming a celebrity dog into the family—but it looks like this pup won’t be spending her life growing up in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Rather, it seems, she’s destined for the big city, as she’ll be heading to the Hearts & Bones chapter in New York City as she awaits her opportunity to find her family.

That’s disappointing, of course—Dolly looks like she’d make a great Texan—but it’s also appropriate. Her namesake, after all, didn’t spend time living in Dallas. Rather, he spent years helping build New York into an international capital for the art world. And while her lil’ mustache is extremely cute, Dolly doesn’t even know she has one, which means that the most important thing about her is also true of every other dog you can adopt from a shelter in your hometown: she wants to be loved and cared for because of her personality (right now, according to the shelter crew on GMA: mostly sleepy!), not her charming resemblance to a surrealist painter.

If you’re disappointed that Dolly will end up walking the streets of New York, we’d recommend healing your hurt by visiting your local shelter, finding a pet there with or without a mustache, and naming them after Marcel Duchamp or something. That way, everybody wins.

[Pupdate, 8/2/19, 11:53 am]: Allison Seelig from Hearts & Bones responded to our request for comment and explained why the mustachioed dog is headed to New York—and it’s not just her namesake’s affinity for the City that Never Sleeps. “There are far fewer dogs looking for homes in NYC, and so many people looking to adopt in such a populous city,” she says.