WHO: Tony Romo, your second-favorite former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

WHAT: The game of golf, at which Romo apparently excels.

WHY IT’S SO GREAT: Few figures inspire more conflicted feelings among Cowboys fans than Tony Romo. The maddeningly inconsistent signal-caller had a tendency to throw the most aggravating interceptions, to wilt under pressure—and also to elevate bad teams well beyond the mediocrity they hoped to achieve. Perhaps the best way to summarize Romo’s NFL career is by revisiting this tearful press conference in which Terrell Owens both acknowledges Romo’s inconsistencies and supports him with an “I-just-love-the-guy” defensiveness.

Romo, 39, is no longer playing in the NFL. These days, he’s the best color commentator in football, an admittedly subjective judgment that’s nonetheless entirely true. But that’s not all that he’s great at. It seems he’s also a legit, pro-caliber golfer these days.

After shooting a two-under-par round of 70 on Thursday, he was on the verge of making the cut to play on Saturday and Sunday in the Safeway Open, a PGA Tour event taking place in California’s Napa Valley. While the oddsmakers saw Romo’s entrance into the tournament as a sort of vanity project (they gave him an absurd 10,000:1 chance of winning it), Romo defied history by playing well enough to have a shot at playing all four days of the tournament. As of Friday afternoon, he had a 4:1 shot of making the cut, according to sports gambling site Bovada—and CBS, the network for which Romo works in his day job as a broadcaster, had announced a backup plan if Romo were to be busy golfing during the Bears/Vikings game he’s set to call on Sunday.

To qualify, Romo would have had to be one of the top 65 players (plus those tied for 65th place) heading into the weekend. Romo ended up missing the cut by six. Romo told Golf Digest, ““You’re always going to grind. It’s sports. You’re always going to try to improve. A lot of good stuff this week. Hit a lot of good shots. Signs of life.”

*Y’all know what this asterisk is for.

This post has been updated to reflect that Romo did not make the cut to play through the weekend.