At First the Count Was Ten

U.S. Customs Service agents in Eagle Pass searched the driver and the passenger of a pickup and found eight live snakes wrapped in socks and pantyhose inside the two men’s underwear.

Pass the Boysenberry Syrup or Start Saying Your Prayers

Charles Bryant of Missouri City was sentenced to four months’ probation and a $100 fine following an altercation with a policeman outside an International House of Pancakes restaurant, where he had argued with his girlfriend while brandishing a four-foot python.

Charles Bryant, Please press Your Overhead Call Button

The Timothy Taylor family of Houston sued Continental Airlines after they discovered that a python had escaped from a passenger’s bag and was crawling toward their seven-year-old daughter.

From Left to Right, They Were: the Liquor Lobbyist, the Savings and Loan

Lobbyist, the Casino Lobbyist, and the Chairman of the Budget Committee To promote the “World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup,” Sweetwater Jaycees set up an exhibit of four rattlesnakes in the rotunda of the Capitol extension.