If there was ever any doubt about it, let’s say it again: Texas is a hugely Republican state. You would never know that the Rs are taking on the chin in many states tonight. There is absolutely zero sign of Democratic life in statewide or congressional races. The only close race for Congress is in Tom DeLay’s old district.

Perry is holding at 40, R major statewides (Dewhurst, Abbott, Combs) are all running around 60% (Dewhurst just under), D major statewides at around 36%.

An interesting legislative race:
Welch (R), who spent jillions, and looked great, in a west Travis County seat, 11,449
Bolton (D), who ran unimpressively and was late to get on TV, 12,185

Republicans did very well in the early vote in Corpus Christi. Seaman, considered very endangered, topped Juan Garcia, 6,004-5,405. McComb topped Ortiz Jr., 6,731-6,173.