The San Antonio Express News is reporting that State Senator Donna Campbell will be challenged in the primary. Her opponent is Mike Novak, a former Bexar County commissioner and a former chair of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

I’d like to see more mainstream Republicans like Novak in high office, but I’m not sanguine about his chances. Campbell has been on the ballot several times in that district. She almost pulled off an incredible upset over Democratic congressman Lloyd Doggett in 2010. There are tea parties all over that district. Good for Campbell, bad for Novak.

The main source of votes is San Antonio, but much of the district is rural in character — big rural counties like Hays and Comal. Campbell has run here before and run well, most recently when she defeated incumbent Jeff Wentworth to win her Senate seat. This is not friendly territory for an establishment Republican. I know San Antonio wants its own senator, but Novak is going to have to venture into terra incognita, and Campbell will be running in places where she is already well known. Advantage Campbell.  

AP Photo | Eric Gay