Bill Kristol is saying that Missouri is a crucial state for Romney. It’s winner take all. If he can take Missouri and California, he can stay in the race.

Good gossip on Fox: Huckabee hates Romney. Thinks he’s an arrogant rich guy. Now where could anybody get that idea.

Huckabee leading in Georgia

Missouri just beginning to come in

Fred Barnes: Huckabee could carry five states.

Kristol says Republicans are depressed by

Fox calls Delaware for McCain.

Rove: Lot of sunbelt evangelical states voting today, it’s why Huckabee is doing well. He could win six states. Problem is that he is not doing well elsewhere. Unless he does exceedingly well in Missouri and does well in California, he doesn’t have a lot of other places. He didn’t have any showing on the East Coast.

Question: If Huckabee drops out, do his votes go to Romney? Rove says not necessarily.

Question: What about a McCain-Huckabee ticket? Rove says its doubling your trouble. Conservatives are furious with him too over immigration.

Question: What does solve his problem? Rove: a strong leader, don’t know who that is now. (I bet he’s thinking Jeb Jeb Jeb).

Clinton wins Tennesse, Arkansas
Obama wins Illinois