From politicalwire,com: Texas congressional candidate Bill Flores (R) blamed a headache for “a verbal miscue” and has now backed away from comments suggesting he would raise the Social Security retirement age for future recipients, the Dallas Morning News reports. Flores made the comments in a taped interview earlier this week and later called the program host to ask him “not to air his response on Social Security because he had a headache during the interview and the remarks did not properly characterize his position.” In an email to Politico,Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) blasted his opponent: “After Bill Flores blamed his position on raising the Social Security age to 70 on a ‘headache,’ what is next? Is Mr. Flores going to blame his plan to privatize VA health care on a Dairy Queen Hunger-Buster and blame his company’s having stuck taxpayers with $7.5 million in unpaid government loans to a case of indigestion?”