I was standing outside the entrance to the House yesterday amid a score of lobbyists who were buttonholing members when suddenly the buzz of conversation evaporated into the air. The entire foyer became as quiet as a church. What was going on? Governor Perry had arrived. There was that last moment of talking before everybody realized he was there, and then it was as still and quiet as if the Queen of England had arrived. It was a respectful silence, an acknowledgement of the leader’s separation from the rest of us. I had not seen that happen before. The episode spoke loudly about the stature Perry has attained and the respect he is accorded–at least in that crowd of sycophants.  I did get to say hello. He came over and talked about the upcoming baseball series between Texas A&M and UT that will probably decide the regular-season winner of the Big 12 Conference and lamented that he will be out of town. Then he made a little motion with his hands of praying for the Aggies. He doesn’t make it easy for you not to like him.