t has always been my policy that anyone may post comments on this blog. In fact, a large part of the success of this blog has been the community of commenters that has developed around it. I have only asked that comments show respect for other readers, as well as for the public figures who are mentioned in blog posts and comments.

Unfortunately, from time to time, and, increasingly in recent weeks, some commenters have been posting scurrilous remarks about public figures, some of them of a very personal nature. In other cases, readers have taken over comment threads by posting long responses that are not at all related to the topic at hand. As a result, I have considered moderating comments before they are published, but I think that would take away from the spontaneity of the blog. I want to do that only as a last resort.

Consequently, I would respectfully request that readers refrain from posting material containing sexual innuendo or allegations of crimes and/or conspiracies. I will not allow contributors to post inappropriate comments about individuals who are public figures. There is plenty to write about in the daily events that take place in this state. Cogent criticism and analysis is always welcome.  Inappropriate comments will be deleted immediately.

Thank you for respecting these guidelines–and for reading this blog.

Paul Burka