Farrar has a series of amendments to take money from the Governor’s Office and redistribute it. Under the Calendar Committee rules, you cannot shift funds from one article to another, which her first proposed amendment appears to do. She mandates that out of the funds appropriated for Non-Medical Services, $3.8M in each year of the biennium must be used for home-delivered meals to the elderly. Guillen proposes that Department of State Health Services take an appropriate amount from the Medically Dependent Children’s Program to conduct a study for establishing a pilot program for adults with autism. Farrar proposes to strike $2.5M for “Alternatives to Abortion” and redirect that amount to “Early Childhood Intervention Services.” Thompson would likewise strike all funding for “Alternatives to Abortion” and redirect it to the Autism Program. Another amendment (author illegible) would shift the Alternatives to Abortion Funds and increase the funding for Child Abuse Prevention Grants. Farrar has a similar amendment. Isett proposes to shift $6.5M in federal funds for family planning services in each year of the biennium and increase MH and MR investigations for the Department of Family and Protective Services by that amount. Farrar would shift $5M in each year of the biennium from the Texas Residential Construction Commission (Article VIII) to the Department of State Health Services for testing for HIV and STD. As I mentioned before, there may be a rule that prohibits shifting funds between articles. I’m going to shut this down for now and get to the Capitol. More later.