Fox is saying McCain pulled into the lead in Missouri by a thousand votes. Bill Kristol says that McCain is running very well in St. Louis County, the suburbs, and he thinks McCain will ultimately win the state.

Fred Barnes: tonight is a twofer for John McCain. He has done well, and his chief opponent, Mitt Romney, comes out much weaker. Huckabee appeals to a narrow segment of the Republican constituency. He can’t win the Republican nomination. Romney had a bigger upside, but after tonight, I think his chances are slim to none, and I think they’re none.

Yes indeed, Missouri tightening up. It’s 50-47 now, with 81% of the vote in. I’m going to check the Secretary of State web site — to see what is outstanding … no, all those St. Louis city precincts are still out. But the gross vote on the bottom of the TV screen is bigger than the vote on the SOS web site.

Obama wins Colorado caucuses.

Romney wins the Montana caucuses.

Obama wins the Idaho caucuses.

Romney wins the Minneota caucuses.

Well, if this were the presidential election, and the vote had gone to the House of Representatives, where each state gets one vote, Obama would be doing great. He’s got more states (11 in all). Hillary has more delegates. Uh, hold on …

Steve Brown from Obama headquarters. They were trying to reduce expectations, just “wanted to be close in delegates.” Half an hour ago, they said, If we’re only down 100 delegates, that will be great. Now, they are saying that Obama might actually have a delegate WIN tonight. They’re trying to do the math. The scenario is: big majority in the Colorado caucuses, and stay close in Arizona and California.

Just checked that secretary of state web site in Missouri. 80 St. Louis city precincts of 204 are still out.

But PBS is calling Missouri for Clinton, 50-47.

Clinton wins Arizona.

Huckabee wins Georgia.

Missouri Repub race is very tight, 88% of the vote in. Winner take all:
Huckabee 33%
McCain 32%
Romney 29%

PBS says a third of the vote in St. Louis is still out, and McCain is winning there. They think McCain will overtake Huckabee eventually. This was a key state for Romney, and he is going to run third.