These are the most amazing numbers I have ever seen. The Republicans are bombing the Democrats back to the Stone Age. Amazing stuff. Republican Charlie Garza is beating Democratic incumbent Rene Nunez in a State Board of Education race in El Paso, of all places. Seems impossible, though Nunez is a sorry member who won’t be missed. Perry already has a million votes in the governor’s race and 59.01% of the vote to White’s 38.38%. White is running behind Tony Sanchez 2002. Democrats who have lost: Frost Homer McReynolds Heflin Miklos Moody Rose Ortiz Jr. Herrero Gonzalez-Toureilles Kent Maldonado Pierson New additions… Dunnam Vaught England C. Turner New additions… Bolton Leibowitz That’s 19 seats so far. Here is what’s left: Vo: Trails by 901 votes Cohen: Trails by 1,710 votes Hochberg: Ahead 54-45, appears to be safe in a low turnout district. Gallego: Trails by 531 votes with all 18 boxes in Val Verde County (Del Rio) remaining. This is trouble. Howard: All votes in, Howard leads by 15 votes. Saved by the Libertarian. Headed for a recount. I’m going to sign off now. It looks as if the Republicans have a chance to win three more seats. That would bring the total to 22, added to the 78 they have now, making 100. With 100 votes you can pass anything. The Democratic party will not be a factor in Texas politics for a decade. I guess that’s not such big news. They haven’t been a factor for the past decade. Truly an amazing election. We may never see one like it for a long time.