The former lieutenant governor called to say that the reason for Kennedy’s trip to Texas in November 1963 was not because he was worried about the feud between U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough and Governor John Connally, or Don Yarborough’s role in it. Rather — and he says he was involved in the conversations — Kennedy and Johnson came to Texas to raise money for the 1964 campaign. They had fundraisers scheduled at every stop. Then he added something I had never heard before. Bobby Kennedy did not like that all of their appearances were scheduled to be with fat cats. He wanted at least one public appearance. That is why a parade was scheduled in Dallas. What’s more, Barnes says, the reason that Don Yarborough had come so close to defeating Connally in the 1962 Democratic primary runoff was that Republicans crossed over into the Democratic primary, casting at least 80,000 votes for Yarborough, in the hope that he would be the nominee and would be defeated by GOP nominee Jack Cox. Republicans didn’t care for Connally, Barnes said. They called him “Lyndon’s Boy John.”