Land commissioner Jerry Patterson, who supports the draft Fred Thompson movement that is flourishing because of the perceived weaknesses of the other Republican presidential contenders, provided me with the names of the six senators and fifty-five House members who are urging Thompson to enter the race. Patterson cautions that these signatures are not endorsements but rather an encouragement for Thompson to run. Patterson also told me that he expectes the list to grow; there are some 10 to 15 Republican lawmakers whom he has yet to contact. In addition to Patterson, Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo has joined the draft-Thompson movement. I will continue to update the list as it grows.

Bob Deuell (added today)(spelling corrected)
Chris Harris
Kyle Janek
Jane Nelson
Dan Patrick
Mike Jackson

Doc Anderson
Jimmie Don Aycock
Leo Berman
Dennis Bonnen
Betty Brown
Fred Brown
Warren Chisum
Frank Corte
Joe Crabb
Brandon Creighton
Myra Crownover
Drew Darby
John Davis
Dianne White Delisi
Joe Driver
Rob Eissler
Dan Flynn
Dan Gattis
Tony Goolsby
Pat Haggerty
Mike Hamilton
Kelly Hancock
Rick Hardcastle
Linda Harper-Brown
Will Hartnett
Harvey Hildebran
Fred Hill
Bryan Hughes
Carl Issett
Jim Jackson
Jim Keffer
Phil King
Mike Krusee
Jodie Laubenberg
Nathan Macias
Jerry Madden
Anna Mowery
Jim Murphy
Rob Orr
John Otto
Tan Parker
Ken Paxton
Larry Phillips
Debbie Riddle
Todd Smith
Wayne Smith
John Smithee
David Swinford
Robert Talton
Larry Taylor
Vicki Truitt
Corbin Van Arsdale
Buddy West
Bill Zedler
John Zerwas