“Management” has suggested that I use this blog to tout the many wonderful articles in our August issue, which is hot off the presses. At first, I was very huffy about this, but then I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with the times. I still revert on occasion to my molted identity as a serious journalist. It’s a hard habit to break. As a blogger, I don’t have to adhere to MSM irrelevancies like journalistic standards.

So how about it, folks? Be sure to read that column by former writer Paul Burka on how to solve the illegal immigration issue. I know I may lose my blogger’s credentials for doing this, but I interviewed someone who knew something about the subject, El Paso congressman Silvestre Reyes, who worked for the Border Patrol for 26 1/2 years. We have 85 “incredibly fun things” to do for free (not counting reading this blog). We have an oral history of August 1, 1966, the day Charles Whitman shot UT students from the Tower. Unaccountably, the writer, Pam Colloff, did not interview me — I was supposed to have lunch with a friend who worked near the Tower, but I was late (as usual) — but what are blogs for if not to talk about yourself? And Evan Smith interviews Joe Allbaugh. It was a fair fight. Here’s Allbaugh: “There’s another guy who’s getting screwed: Scooter Libby.”

You know something? I think Joe has a future as a blogger.