This e-mail from the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Bud Kennedy contains his cogent analysis of the Barrett-Shelton race. It is great fun to pontificate from Austin, but every once in a while it is nice to hear from people who actually know something.

Hi Paul,

I see many comments about Dan Barrett’s victory.

I saw more forums in the race and covered more events than any other

Two points:

1–Voting in the outlying, newer, conservative subdivisions dropped to
nearly nothing in the runoff. Some boxes that Shelton won in the first
election turned out only a handful of voters.

2–I realize there is a debate over whether local voters know who
Craddick is. But Leonard had made it a point to criticize him.

If you add up the November results for the anti-Craddick candidates —
Barrett, Hatch, and Leonard — it miirrors the final result.

–Bud Kennedy