The answer is yes. Do the math from the Rasmussen poll. Perry 44% Hutchison 29% Medina 16% To keep Perry from winning without a runoff, the Hutchison-Medina duo must reach 50.1%. They need another 5.1% of the vote. But they can’t get it from each other. It is going to have to come from Perry. Hutchison has been losing ground. There is no evidence that she can turn around that trend. Medina is more likely to lose ground than pick up ground as the result of her appearance on the Glen Beck radio show. If Medina craters and Perry and Hutchison makes the runoff, what will the Medina voters do? I can’t imagine that they will vote for Perry. Medina has shown him no mercy. Hutchison? If they are totally anti-Perry, KBH might pick up some votes. But I really think the Medina voters may stay home. If you think the Public Policy Polling survey that shows Perry at 39% is right, then the numbers have to be recalculated.