Please note the Texas-shaped icon on the right side of the main page of the blog. You can download an Excel file that contains all of the races above the county level–U.S. Senate and House, statewide offices, the two high courts, State Board of Education, and all 181 legislative races, contested or uncontested. There is a tab for the instructions. You can find the results of 02 and 04 races as well. The color coding identifies seats that are uncontested, seats are contested but safe for each party, seats that are more contested but lean toward one party or the other, and seats that are considered tossups. If there are any changes, I will cover them daily in a blog posting.

This spreadsheet was prepared by Will Krueger, a Texas Monthly intern who helps me with the blog. I could not have filled in one race on my own. His expertise made this possible, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

One evaluation for today: the Ellen Cohen vs. Martha Wong race should be moved from “tossup” to “leans Democrat” based on a reported high Democratic early vote turnout.