From CNN: Rick Perry’s national campaign manager met with a small group of supporters in New Hampshire last Monday, as the Texas governor struggled to recover from campaign stumbles and faced reports his fund-raising operation had significantly slowed. Campaign Manager Rob Johnson spent several days in New Hampshire last week, accompanying Perry to a town hall in Nashua Wednesday afternoon. At the Monday meet-and-greet, Johnson spoke with about 20 supporters at Portsmouth’s 100 Club, said two Republicans who attended the event. One said the event felt like “an apology tour” for Perry, who entered the race to much fanfare but has struggled to gain traction in New Hampshire. A woman in attendance complained about a lack of communication from the campaign. Others at the meeting chimed in that they, too had not been receiving campaign e-mails. [remainder of story not included] * * * * This is a continuation of a story from last week about the Georgia fundraiser who complained about the difficulties of dealing with Perry’s staff. It’s same story, second verse. Or third, or fourth. I have been writing from the beginning that there is something wrong inside the Perry campaign. It could be infighting, it could be lack of experience, it could be lack of talent. The inner circle is too small and too inbred. Compare this group with the Bush campaign of 2000, which was a huge operation in a large space where, when you walked in, everybody was busy.