To all who have read my previous post about annual budget sessions: I mangled the post by confusing legislative calendars (which begin in odd-numbered years, the next one being 2013) with fiscal calendars (which begin in even-numbered years–2012 in the case of the next budget). Contrary to what I posted earlier, by writing the budget in the late spring of odd-numbered years we do get the latest information, as the fiscal calendar has only two months left in the biennium. The budget cuts that the leadership imposed are not for the current biennium, but for 2012-2013. My earlier post made the wrong criticism. The problem is not that we are making cuts with the left hand while the right hand is raking in more sales tax receipts. The problem is that it is hard to predict the behavior of something as complex as the state’s economy two years into the future. The only way to solve that is with annual budget sessions.