This is a correction of an earlier post concerning the counties with the highest percentage of registered voters who have cast ballots. The corrected numbers: Montgomery 3.01% Galveston 2.68% Williamson 2.33% Fort Bend 2.23% I am somewhat surprised by the result. I don’t think Montgomery has a lot of hot races. Eissler has a tough reelection battle on his hands, but that is about all. The high turnout in Galveston is explained by a congressional race with ten Republican candidates, including state representative Randy Weber, and a state Senate race involving Larry Taylor. Weber and the winner of the likely runoff will face former Democratic congressman Nick Lampson. The Williamson county turnout is driven by a high profile district attorney’s race between incumbent John Bradley and county attorney Jana Duty. Bradley refused to allow DNA testing of a evidence that would have exonerated Michael Morton. Fort Bend County has a nasty sheriff’s race that is driving turnout, as well as a battle for Charlie Howard’s seat that has some high profile contenders and will probably be resolved in a runoff. There is a lot of action in Tarrant. It’s not a primary race, but Mark Shelton vs. Wendy Davis will be a titanic general election battle, and Kelly Hancock vs. Todd Smith is a critical Republican primary race. There is also a congressional race with twelve candidates in a district that extends from Tarrant County into Travis County. But Tarrant did not have a sufficient turnout rate to place in the top four counties.