NOTE TO READERS: The Quorum Report’s Daily Buzz has an update on Craddick’s cash on hand. Please refer to it for the latest information. I am not going to post it here because I don’t want to seem to be taking credit for Harvey’s work. The bottom line is that Craddick’s COH is considerably less than the amount shown in the eighth-day report. Tom Craddick reported having $ 2,315,973.49 cash on hand in his eight-day report. By all accounts, Republican members are in close races in Harris County and in North Texas. I’m told that Republicans did not have the money to do some late-campaign numbers crunching. You can do a lot of numbers-crunching for $2.3 million. And a lot of mail. And a lot of TV time. And a lot of polling. I don’t get it. Does he think the R’s have won? Or does he think the R’s can’t win, so there’s no use in spending the money? Is he saving it for election-day phone banks? I don’t get it.