Readers may have heard that former Texas State Rep Glen Maxey has published an e-book about Rick Perry’s private life. I seldom agree with Mr. Perry about anything, but his campaign’s description of the book as “false internet garbage” seems spot on to me. The Daily Beast today has a story that features Jacob Bernstein’s interview with Maxey. Mr. Maxey does not exactly come across as Robert Caro when it comes to biography. I am not going to waste a lot of time or space on this story. The problem with Mr. Perry has never been his private life. It is his public life and its unfortunate impact on Texas. From the Daily Beast’s story: Having not quite gotten the smoking gun, Maxey also relies heavily on innuendo to make his case. For example, what’s up with those teeny jogging shorts Perry’s always wearing? This Maxey finds very suspicious. He also hears the governor shaves his legs and arms! What’s up with that? Unsurprisingly, Maxey can be a little naïve about why The Huffington Post spiked the story. He complains almost relentlessly about how much work went into it—at least two months and heaps of interviews with hundreds of people around the state capital—as if this alone should give HuffPo the impetus to publish his account. He doesn’t seem to understand what hearsay is, and when confronted about this, says simply, “I’m not a journalist.” To link to the Daily Beast’s story, click HERE.