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Dan Branch v. Ken Paxton

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Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News has written a story that is fascinating indeed: four Republican lawmakers–all Christian conservatives–have fallen prey to what they claim is a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by a McKinney businessman who once claimed to have discovered Noah’s Ark. The politicians involved (Ken Paxton, Bill Zedler, Phil King, and Wayne Christian) claimed that they were approached in part because of their conservative Christian beliefs in an effort to “get their guard down” and have filed suit.Now that you’ve let that sink in, it’s not surprising to learn that Dan Branch, who is running against Paxton for attorney general, has gone on the attack.

He claims that Paxton “failed to disclose his lawsuit relating to his investment in a Ponzi scheme when asked in the survey if he had been involved in any lawsuits.” Branch is referring to this Voters Guide. He continues: “Guarding against consumer fraud and securing the public trust are essential attributes for the next Attorney General. The revelations about Senator Paxton’s involvement in a Ponzi scheme and subsequent bankruptcy litigation are troubling on multiple levels, especially the display of questionable judgment and his failure to disclose.”

The news comes at a critical point in the race for Paxton, who had just received the support of Ted Cruz and had closed the gap between himself and Branch from 42 percent to 39 percent. Paxton told the Morning News: “We had a bad actor steal money and ruin what could have been a successful business venture.” It goes without saying that this could be a blow to his campaign.

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    All four showed excellent judgment (sic)!

  • Tellnitlikeitis

    Gosh….and here we thought “dumb” and “dumber” got kicked out of the building years ago!

    • WUSRPH

      I wonder if they also fell for the “boot scandal” in the Texas House a few sessions ago when a whole bunch of members ordered fancy, individualized cowboy boots from a guy who promised especially good prices? They put down deposits and are still waiting for the boots.

  • Beerman

    Extra…Extra…I need to talk to Paxton after his campaign is finished. I have got some great investment opportunities for his little group that involve bit-coins and Dutch-tulips.

    A voice came in the night to present these ideas to me, and I want to share with him!

    • Blue Dogs

      To think Cruz endorsing Paxton would boost his State AG campaign, it’ll backfired and there’s a good chance Paxton could miss the runoff.

  • AlmostNormalTexan

    It’s always so poetic when “pro-free market” Republicans who want to “run government like a business” and “create jobs” and all that reveal themselves to be rubes with no business sense who are such easy marks for snake oil salesmen who only have to claim to be doing The Lord’s work for them to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Aaron Smith

    I think we are going to fins other smarmy stuff revealed on Paxton on investments made where he has attempted to profits off laws he supported and voted to pass. Scummy.

  • Blue Dogs

    Smitherman is also running a negative TV commercial blasting Paxton’s legal practices and expect him to keep on hitting him hard.

  • GOPers

    “The politicians involved (Ken Paxton, Bill Zedler, Phil King, and Wayne Christian) claimed that they were approached in part because they were dropped repeatedly by their mothers when they were children to “get their guard down” and have filed suit.”

  • GOPers

    Seriously? Yes, for sure, let’s elect these clowns to oversee multi-million dollar state agencies, because they have demonstrated such fine judgment! Amen.

  • don76550

    Dan Branch is a moderate RINO and not very supportive of your gun rights. Paxton supports the left wing CSCOPE agenda in our schools that taught allah is the one true god and our founding fathers were terrorists. The only legitimate candidate is Barry Smitherman. Please vote for Smitherman if you want an attorney general that will do as good a job as Abbott has done.