I work for an important organization in Texas. There are 150 people in my office. My old boss resigned, and we just got a new boss. He got a promotion, and most of the people who were close to our former boss don’t know him very well. Here’s my problem. He says he wants to get to know everybody in the office and listen to their concerns. But I don’t know how to approach him. Should I wait for him to call me? Or should I call him? Some of us feel as if he wants us to come in and sign a letter saying we’ll be part of his team. What should I do? WORRIED IN AUSTIN Dear Worried — You should make an appointment with him. He has to make 150 calls. You only have to make one. When you see him, just offer your support and say you want to help in anyway you can. If he’s a good boss, he won’t ask you “kiss the ring” or to sign anything.