Former State Representative Debra Danburg has a Web site,, on which she writes about her recovery from cancer surgery in Galveston. I received an e-mail containing her latest posting:

I’ve gotten dozens of cards from folks telling me they are checking it daily, and while I’m stronger every day, I don’t have NEARLY enough energy to talk with more than a few each day – and keeping so many well-wishers informed would be exhausting.

The flowers and jokes have truly lightened my spirits. My favorite joke so far shows a bunch of goofy looking (traditional all-white-male) surgeons surrounding a patient undergoing surgery, and one says. “maybe we should try jiggling the liver.” Laughed so hard, I hurt!

I’m PARTICULARLY appreciative of the beautiful blooming plants I’ve received – bromeliads, azaleas, and from Marty and Jennifer, one of the most gorgeous (and biggest) orchid imaginable!

May sound like a bit much now, but I hope to have the energy to volunteer our home for the “Back Yard Tour” benefiting “Clean Galveston,” and these beautiful blooming tropicals surely will make up for some of my usual Spring planting that will be beyond my abilities this year.

Next hurdles – radiation and chemo – but I’m told that the protocol for this type of cancer is much less debilitating than for others. No hair loss / little or no weight loss – just some fatigue. And one of the CT scans showed an enlarged cervix, so I’ll be checking that out in a couple of weeks.

Please convey my appreciation to your readers, and please keep up the support and prayers. Thanks again! Love you, D2