The Fifth Circuit has granted the Republican Party’s motion to expedite the case involving Tom DeLay’s ballot status in Congressional District 22. The expedited schedule is necessary because the determination of the GOP nominee must be made by late August. The RPT’s brief is due on July 14, the Democrats’ brief is due on July 21, and the GOP’s reply brief is due on July 26. The case will be “submitted” to the Court on July 31. What does that mean? Heck if I know. Heck if the clerk of the Court knows, for that matter. I called the clerk, and he said that the Court will decide at some point after the 14th, having read a brief, or maybe both briefs, whether oral argument is necessary or whether the judges can decide the case on the briefs alone. So does that mean that if the Court determines that oral argument is necessary, that it will take place on July 31? Not necessarily. So July 31 doesn’t really have any meaning, right? Right.

This reminds me why I didn’t like law school.