In recent election cycles, Democrats have not been very successful in races against Republican incumbents — in fact, they lost every such race in 2010, causing their ranks to shrivel in the House — but they will take a shot at at least two incumbent Rs. One is Linda Harper-Brown, of Irving, who will face a challenge from Democrat Susan Motley, an attorney. Harper-Brown also faces a Republican challenger, former state rep Rodney Anderson.

The other race that will cause a face-off between an R and a D is a Democratic challenge to Republican incumbent J. M. Lozano, in a district centering on San Patricio County in the Coastal Bend. Lozano was prevailed upon to switch parties and ultimately held the seat for Republicans in 2012, thanks largely to the support of Texans for Lawsuit Reform. Lozano will be opposed by Kim Gonzalez, an assistant district attorney for Nueces County.  Democrats would dearly love to defeat Lozano, who switched parties to become a Republican.