When the sun rises on November 8, one election cycle will have finished and another will begin. With numerous potential candidates being mentioned for the 2010 governor’s race (David Dewhurst, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Roger Williams, Dan Patrick, Tony Garza, Don Evans) and others casting their eyes on offices that will be vacated, some 2010 hopefuls are already being advised to make their intentions known early. Dewhurst has made no secret that he wants to be governor, but he has not done a great job of keeping his political fences mended. Lieutenant Governor is not an office that brings with it high name ID; even the legendary Bob Bullock wasn’t so legendary the farther he got from the Capitol. Now Dewhurst is weighing whether to announce immediately, or soon after, election day. Hutchison, who talked about running in 2002 and again in 2006, could use a quick announcement to quell talk that she wants to be annointed rather than have to fight for the GOP nomination. Dewhurst also needs to do a better job of staying in touch with the 150 or so fundraising heavyweights in the state GOP, and of proving to the grass roots that he really is a conservative. His gubernatorial ambitions could have a profound effect on the course of the session, as the Senate under Dewhurst has previously been more bipartisan than the conservative House and governor’s office.