I got a robocall from Dewhurst over the weekend — along with 850,000 other Texans. The text was very similar to a video he has posted online. It’s about what you would expect: loser pays, kept $6 billion in the rainy day fund, balanced the budget without raising taxes. And then, the coda: “We did all this while making sure we kept our best teachers in the classroom.” Who gets paid to write lies like this? We did nothing of the sort. Teachers will be laid off all over Texas. So, Mr. Dewhurst, how did you make sure we kept our best teachers in the classroom? Please tell me. I’d like to know. It’s almost enough to make me want to watch another video, the one where crazy talk show host Alex Jones says Dewhurst worked with “top Nazi Klaus Barbie.” Maybe Barbie is the guy who figured out how to keep the best teachers in the classroom. Every time I hear Dewhurst say an obvious falsehood like this, it makes me think he’s is laughing at how stupid the public is.