These numbers come from an e-mail sent to Harris County Democrats from Hidalgo County Democrats: First day of early voting (Monday) In-person 2010: 6,207 By mail 2010: 667 Total 2010: 6,874 In-person 2006: 1,567 By mail 2006: 213 Total 2006: 1,780 2010 increase over 2006: 5094 Polling places at UT-Pan American will not open until next week. # # # # I spoke with a Perry operative who said that the Perry campaign’s strategy is to get the Republican vote out early. Perry’s use of social media to contact voters is exceptional. So it is possible that what looks like a Democratic vote is really a Republican vote out of McAllen. But the e-mail from the Hidalgo County Democrats referred to a big turnout in Democratic strongholds.