Jeff Wentworth faces a tough primary race against TLR-backed Elizabeth Ames Jones. Wentworth’s consultant, Bryan Eppstein, is circulating a comparison of their respective fundraising efforts. The summary in italics is written by Eppstein:

Wentworh raises $400,000+ with 500 Co-Hosts for Jan 22nd Campaign Kickoff… Invitations mailed this week.
Elizabeth Ames Jones sending desperate INTERNET solicitations with only a handful of cohost names for her Jan 16th event. Event is being underwritten by less than 15 Local Supporters, Houston based TLR, and Oil & Gas Company PACs.
* * * *

I don’t take sides in races. What makes this one important is not the candidates but their supporters. (Steve Forbes will appear at the Ames Jones fundraiser.) Wentworth has been targeted for elimination by Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the biggest bully in the Capitol. With Texas politics in a state of flux because of the slumping Perry campaign, this race will be a test of TLR’s ability to go into a community and dictate the outcome of a race by spending vast sums of money against an incumbent with broad local support, as James Leininger was able to do during the Craddick speakership.