Suppose you are Secretary of State Roger Williams, Texas’s chief elections officer. As early voting is about to begin, three universities in San Antonio want to be designated as early voting sites. One is the University of Texas at San Antonio, with 28,000 students. One is Trinity University, with around 3,000 students. One is St. Mary’s University, with around 4,000 students. Which schools would you designate?

Apparently the answer is none of the above. According to an editorial in the Paisano, the student newspaper at UTSA, the city’s largest university will not be a polling place for early voting. “Roger Williams, Texas secretary of state, informed UTSA that other campuses around San Antonio also wanted an early voting site placed on their grounds,” the editorial read. “The Bexar County Elections Department feels that it would be unfair for UTSA to have an early voting site and for Trinity and St. Mary’s universities to be denied.”

It sounds to me as if Roger Williams and the Bexar County Elections Department don’t want students to vote.