I noticed these observations from the latest e-mail rant by Michael Quinn Sullivan at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: The deeper you look at how the liberals (from both parties) tax, regulate and spend, the more disgusting it becomes. Our legislature is infested with those who campaign as conservatives but legislate like liberals. Entrenched left-leaning Republican-ish members like Todd Smith of Bedford, Vicki Truitt of Southlake, and Tommy Merritt of Longview come to mind. They undermine taxpayers and conservatives every chance they get. But so to [sic] are freshmen Democrats who represent predominately conservative districts. It’s amazing to me that Republicans like Sullivan can’t stop eating their own young, even when the barbarians are at the gates. Do they ever stop to wonder why these predominantly conservative districts are now represented by Democrats? If Sullivan gets his way, a couple of more predominantly conservative districts could end up being represented by Democrats. I’ll grant that Tommy Merritt can be a loose cannon, but Todd Smith? Vicki Truitt? The R’s are honing suicide to a fine point.