Paul’s on the road and I’ve been sleeping in my office so we’re a little late in posting that the new president of A&M is indeed Dr. Elsa Murano, current vice chancellor and dean of agriculture and life sciences. Luckily, our readers were kind enough to inform us in the comments of the previous A&M post:

I would expect to see the name Dr. Elsa Murano come up as the new President. Her appointment gets the regents out of the pickle that they have been place in, but still does not reflect the consensus of the search committee or produce the buy-in that is needed for a president to succeed (anonymous 1:41AM)

Oh well, so much for thoughtful and well informed decision making. Hope she has the stomach to deal with the lack of support from former students, faculty, current students, and donors. I can honestly say that our regents have fulfilled my expectations. (anonymous 1:46AM)

She is not ready and she does not have the best relationship with her own college. Rumor has that the new president will be Elsa A. Murano, Vice Chancellar & Dean for Agriculture & Life Sciences. Why would she put herself in this mess. She is not that popular. (anonymous 11:29AM)