The leadership juggernaut just lost their first vote. A blind man could have seen that they were going to lose it. Juan Escobar wanted to take $800,000 out of the office of the governor to increase funding for the Veterans Commission. Escobar directed the money to “Claims Representation and Counseling” and “Visitation to Wounded and Disabled Veterans.” Escobar isn’t the most articulate member at the microphone, but he is one of the most sincere, and as he stumbled and stammered about wounded veterans coming homeIsett moved to table. Isett is a distinguished veteran and high ranking officer who has recently completed a tour in Iraq. Here’s what I don’t understand about the way Craddick runs the House. Why didn’t he just tell Isett and Chisum to accept the amendment? Instead, 68 members, a lot of them Republicans, stuck with the leadership and voted against veterans to table the bill. Only then did Isett and Chisum accept the amendment. This is a terrible vote.