The importance of locating in the right superconference trumps concerns about the Longhorn Network? Assuming that this comes to pass, that has to be the story line. This is the first mention of the PAC 10, but no one should be surprised. It was clear that UT president Bill Powers wanted the PAC 10 during the last round of superconference talks. A&M is highly unlikely to change its mind about the SEC and head west. It is not a good cultural fit for the West Coast. The Big 12 has no future. Can Buddy Jones arrange for Baylor to force its way into the PAC 10? Where’s Bob Bullock when the Bears need him? It is easy to envision a pretty good conference that could be constructed out of the midsection of the country. Northern Division: Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Missouri. Southern Division: Baylor, SMU, Rice, University of Houston. The conference could expand to ten teams by the addition of North Texas (north) and UTEP (south). The problems I foresee are that Missouri has bigger ambitions (Big Ten or SEC) and North Texas’s program may take a few years to get to mid-major level.