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Evangelical TV Network Executive Might Challenge Ted Cruz

Bruce K. Jacobson Jr. says Cruz broke a promise to voters by refusing to endorse Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

By Comments

After losing the nomination to Donald Trump, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz delivered a speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention that was markedly unenthusiastic about the party’s presidential candidate. Cruz congratulated Trump on winning the nomination, but in over twenty-five minutes of speaking about conservative values he failed to endorse Trump for president. It was a gamble for the 2020 election. By the time Cruz reached the end of his speech, however, delegates booed and shouted, “Say his name!”

Cruz eventually endorsed Trump via a Facebook post two months later, but only after Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick hinted that he would find a primary opponent for Cruz if he didn’t. After the less-than-prime-time endorsement, Patrick, who was Trump’s Texas chairman, backed off.

Now it looks as if the speech might draw Cruz a potentially substantial opponent after all. Bruce K. Jacobson Jr., vice president of media for LIFE Outreach International and an aide to televangelist James Robison and his Life Today television network, told me that the convention speech has motivated him to seriously consider challenging Cruz in next year’s primary. Cruz had signed a pledge to support the party’s nominee, Jacobson said, but then didn’t follow through at the convention. “I’m concerned about anybody who doesn’t keep their word. I’ve very concerned about that. In Texas, when we give our word, it’s our word,” Jacobson said.

The potential nominee continued:

You saw the Republican convention. That was huge to me, because the future of our country was hanging in the balance. Hillary Clinton was licking her chops in the wings. If you don’t have something nice to say about your Republican nominee, you politely decline, and when you politely decline, you make your statement. But when you stand up there in prime time, with the world watching, our country hanging in the balance, and you don’t honor your word, I have a problem with that no matter who it is. I was greatly disturbed by that. It bothered me as much as it bothered the people who were there that night and booed him off the stage and the Texas delegation when he walked in the next morning and received a lot of boos. I wasn’t booing, but I was heart broken.

Jacobson added that there also is a problem when a Congress with a Republican majority is unable to carry out Trump’s promises. “There’s a lot of political posturing,” he said. “I think there’s a lot of political agendas to protect their careers as politicians, and many are blinded by their own ambitions.”

Although Jacobson declined to comment on his friendship with former Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, Republican blogger Erick Erickson claims they recruited Jacobson as payback to Cruz for defeating them in the Iowa presidential caucuses. “Cruz already has one establishment hack coming after him from the left within the GOP primary,” Erickson wrote in the post. “The guy is a lawyer who claims Cruz isn’t playing well with Mitch McConnell. Now we’re going to get this guy pretending to come at Cruz from the right. The media will love both so they can attack Cruz from all sides. But if I were Cruz, I’d be looking around thinking I’ve got attacks from left and from pretend right, so I must be doing something actually right.”

Though Erickson did not mention this, it probably is worth noting that Huckabee’s daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is Trump’s current spokesperson. Could this be that dish best served cold?

Cruz already has drawn two other potential GOP challengers: Houston attorney Stefano de Stefano and former short-term Corpus Christi Mayor Dan McQueen. Stefano so far has raised about $60,000 for the race. McQueen, who only served as mayor for 37 days, is trying to get on the ballot by gathering 5,000 signatures instead of paying the $5,000 filing fee.

Jacobson said he is not worried about a contested Republican primary giving an edge to likely Democratic nominee Beto O’Rourke of El Paso.

“The Texas Republican Party is strong enough to handle a contested primary,” Jacobson said. “I believe it would create energy and excitement to some level, because there are a lot of Republicans I have visited with across the state who are frustrated and many who are ready to sit on their hands because they are fed up.”

Cruz’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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    As I posted earlier this week, I see this challenge to Cruz as interesting….but probably not as significant as the likely challenge of Lt. Gov Patrick by Scott Milder of Rockwall…..If Jacobson were to defeat Cruz it would make no real change in the Texas GOP….One far-rightist self-proclaimed “Christian” replaced by another, although Jacobson might be closer to Roy Moore and certainly cannot match Cruz’s intellect.

    A win by Milder, however, might signify that the Texas GOP was swinging back from the far-right radicalism self-proclaimed “Christian” conservatism represented by Patrick to the pro-business conservative position it once claimed to represent…However, as I also said, I think he is likely to get slaughtered in the primary….

    • WUSRPH

      Speaking of business conservatives, I assume you saw that Speaker Straus has created a special interim committee to take a look at just what incentives and or conditions businesses and investors are looking for when they chose a location for their operations……It will headed by Byron Cook, who may be the primary target for the “bathroom bill” proponents in next year’s GOP primary.

      The panel is clearly intended to provide ammunition for Straus and other opponents of that bill and other measures to allow discrimination against LGBT and other “different” people….as well as to promote
      other steps the state can take to attract more jobs.

      During its hearings it will probably hear all the usual suggestions ranging for good schools to produce qualified workers, a stable growing economy, a good transportation system, low taxes (and maybe some more of those “incentives” in special tax treatments, etc.) and less regulation….And it will also be told that companies want a social environment where everyone feels welcome (i.e.—no bathroom bills or anti-same sex measures). And, how without these, Texas will not grow as it should, etc., etc. All the usual stuff.

      All this is good and well….BUT it overlooks two basic political or social problems.

      First, providing those goods schools, etc. will cost money and both Lt. Gov. Patrick and Gov. Abbott have made it clear that they are not fans of spending.

      Second, any effort to build a “economic case” against bathroom bills and anti-LGBT legislation will have absolutely NO impact on the biggest proponents of such legalized discrimination. Straus hopes to appeal to reason with facts and figures, but the sad reality is that the majority of these people do not care if their stands cost Texas jobs…as the question to them is not economics but morality. To them LBGTs are EVIL sinners who they have been worked up to believe are engaged in some sort of a “homosexual agenda” to destroy all that is pure and holy. As such, they demand laws to protect society from what they see as this evil, not laws to make them feel welcome. They want them driven from the state not attracted to it.

      Thus, while Straus’ study may well produce the kind of factual evidence that might be useful in swaying some voters and useful data for columns in the papers, it will have no impact on this group of avid, active GOP voters…..and may even bring them to the GOP polls in greater numbers.

      • txasslm

        But, would you agree, there is some value, perhaps only subtly, to making clear and compelling public records of both of those problems? It is unfortunate that the resolution may be a longer road than we would like but the awareness to the general public seems to be a worthy first step.

        • WUSRPH

          More knowledge can never hurt and it may help build support for a more “open” society….it might even serve some good if it makes some legislators understand that there is a connection between their efforts to legalize discrimination against LGBT and others and economic development. A good example would be JJ’s The Great Listener who I am sure has assured JJ that he is all for economic development while, at the same time, he advocates anti-gay proposals and the right of anyone to discriminate against another if it is based on “a sincerely held religious beliefs”. I am certain that he sees this as promoting morality and protecting religion…but he either has not made the connection in his mind to how it might affect the decision of an Amazon to invest in Texas OR he does not care.

    • nwconservative

      Cruz is the one who is most like Judge Roy Moore. Cruz has a similar background in fighting against the anti-constitution, anti-God movement in our country. Cruz’s had won some of the most critical court cases of our times before the U.S. Supreme Court. In each case the crux of the matter boiled down to saving American sovereignty & Christian liberties. His cases have involved sovereignty issues, religious issues & immigration issues. He is by far the most like Judge Roy Moore, who like Cruz has been deemed very disliked for what he had done. It has always been a lie. Cruz is hated by the very people one would want to hate him. No one can be popular when they refuse to go 50/50 with what is 100% wrong. Cruz & Moore are two of the most hated men because they have stood up against both the GOP establishment & judicial activism whose goal it has been to do away with religious liberties.

      • WUSRPH

        I recognize that you are so enamored of Ted Cruz that nothing is going to change you…BUT, below are two articles about the nine cases that he argued before the SCOTUS….a majority of which he lost….Please review it and tell me which ones you think are “some of the most critical cases of our time”.


        It seems most of the legal community and anyplace else but the Cruz web site missed them.

        • nwconservative

          Several important cases that Cruz ‘worked on’ were left off of Mr. Batheja’s list. One was Heller vs DC & the other was the Ten Commandments case. The results of both decisions were a victory for Cruz & for Christian conservatives. I long ago learned to distrust “fact check” as a reliable source & did not bother to go there to see what they said. I’m very familiar with Cruz. Have been watching since he began working with the TX governor. Medellin vs TX was an extremely important case as was the Heller decision. Cruz’s arguments in the Ten Commandments case indicate that he is clearly on the same page as Judge Roy Moore on such issues. Cruz also has demonstrated courage in the face of being lied about & severely mocked not unlike what happened to Judge Roy Moore. Cruz & Moore have expressed publicly that they look forward to working together. It would be a great win for America if both Cruz & Moore were on the Judiciary Committee.

  • José

    I’m sorry, but if this guy is mad at Cruz because he didn’t keep his word then he has absolutely no business supporting Trump.
    It’s possible, I suppose, for someone to favor the Trump agenda for reasons that are crass and cynical. You can’t justify him on the principles of Christian morality.

    • BCinBCS

      Absolutely spot on, José.

    • Jed

      “It’s possible, I suppose, for someone to favor the Trump agenda for reasons that are crass and cynical. You can’t justify him on the principles of Christian morality.”

      you forget how many people are christian for reasons that are crass and cynical (e.g. “better safe than sorry”).

      • Debra

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    • nwconservative

      This kind of pandering to Trump & Jacobson’s willingness to further demonize the utterly decent Ted Cruz is sickening. It says volumes about Mr. Jacobson and none of it is good. I agree with your comment, Jose.

      • Alice

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      • Jed

        yow, jose, good luck with this one.

    • anonyfool

      The fundamentalist Christians supporting Trump don’t care about any of those high faluting principles, they got someone in the White House who has shown he will steer the executive branch the fundamentalist way. Only one guy stepped down from the evangelical advisory council so far – they got exactly what they wanted.

  • roadgeek

    I’ve read that Cruz is despised by everyone else in the Senate, due to his personality. Despite that, I’ve voted for him several times. I’d consider voting for another conservative such as Jacobson, provided Jacobson was even a little more personable than Cruz is, and that’s not a terribly high hurdle.

  • SpiritofPearl

    Cruz and Jacobson are decidely unChristian.

  • donuthin2

    Looks like a no win situation.

  • Kozmo

    Meanwhile, the countdown begins — less than one month to go, and still not one legitimate Democratic candidate has stepped forward to file for the nomination of that party to challenge Abbott. This could be a new low for the hapless, clueless, sad-sack Texas Democrats, if they don’t even bother to show up for the game.

    Let’s have a TM ticker every day this unfolds, please! Call it the “Democratic Spine-o-Meter”

    • Jed

      we keep telling people to run, then when they run we make fun of them.

      case in point: your use of the word “legitimate” above.

  • txasslm

    It seems like these guys have been caught with their Scriptures down. When I am convinced they understand them, then perhaps … and only perhaps.

    “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    for the rights of all who are destitute.
    Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8-9

    • José

      “What does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

      That seems clear enough.

  • John Bernard Books

    I presume you saw the piece about 45% of the GOP favoring a “preemptive strike” on North Korea……which means with no warning….probably including of the South Koreans in case they will balk at the idea…..Nice if it works….but this kind of attack throughout history has worked best when it was REAL SURPRISE—and there is NO way that we are going to catch the North Koreans asleep at the button…..They ARE going to be able to make some response….even if it is only to strike out in their death rattle….and that could kill thousands and thousands and thousands of our supposed allies in South Korea….but, what the heck, they are only…….(not us).

    • SpiritofPearl

      45% of Republicans fail to understand the reality of their fantasy.


    Trump and company have this fixation with a false, mythical view of the GOOD OLD DAYS….but he is apparently doing his best to return us to one of the least praiseworthy times in our past—-a time when more than 20 million people who now have health care coverage did not have it……

    • SpiritofPearl

      President Loco has never lived without health coverage. I did before I was married and it’s not good.

  • John Bernard Books

    Dems want to bring the good old days back….
    “The state of Texas has suspended State Representative Ron Reynolds’ license to practice law.”
    “Reynolds was convicted last year in Montgomery County of illegally soliciting five clients.”
    “In April of this year a judge ordered Reynolds to pay over a half million dollars to Nancy Calloway, finding that he failed to give her the share of a $250,000 settlement she was due following a wreck which killed her daughter.”

    dems remember when they could steal with impunity…..yep bring back the good old days when dems ran things.

  • John Bernard Books

    My friend the dem….
    “Ron Reynolds was a legislator destined for obscurity—until he began making the wrong kind of headlines. In March the Montgomery County district attorney issued a warrant for Reynolds’s arrest on charges of barratry (commonly known as ambulance chasing). Investigators said he was involved in a kickback scheme with seven other lawyers to pay a felon to sign up new clients who had been involved in traffic accidents. This was not Reynolds’s first rodeo; he faced the same charges in Harris County in the summer of 2012, though they were dropped after the lead investigator got into some trouble of his own and was accused of tainting the evidence. And a year before that he found himself in hot water with the Ethics Commission for failing to file campaign finance disclosures. Indeed, he’d skipped out on more than $10,000 in fines before he was finally taken to court by the attorney general, which prompted the comptroller’s office to place a “warrant hold” on Reynolds’ state reimbursement checks to collect the money.”

    my good friend WASSUP the dem says we need to elect more dems like reynolds…..

  • John Bernard Books

    Uh oh…
    “Former U.S. Rep. Francisco “Quico” Canseco, a Republican, filed paperwork Monday with the Federal Election Commission to challenge U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, in 2018.”

    dems just keep losing

  • John Bernard Books

    Lets look at the facts….
    “Over the past five legislative sessions, Texas House Democrats have gone from being a full-fledged legislative partner of Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, with near-veto power over most legislation, to a garden-variety opposition party on the losing side of a majority of bills. At the same time, the most conservative Texas House Republicans have gone from losing significantly more than average Democrats to being on the winning side much of the time.”

    plus 3 or more of the dem reps are facing jail time…..oh and it is gonna get worse.

  • donuthin2

    After Trump’s press conference yesterday, San Antonion Spurs coach Popovich called Trump a “Souless Coward”. Pop is a veteran and apparently took exception to Trump’s lie that previous Presidents had not called the parents of young soldiers killed in action. Good for Pop. Wish more had his character.


    An interesting analysis in the Texas Tribune about the decline of Democratic influence in the Texas House over the years since they played a prominent role in the election of Speaker Joe Straus.


    It’s findings are totally different from the claims made by the Freedom Caucus and its ilk, but show how Straus over time has become less interested in keeping the Democrats happy and more inclined toward GOP issues since he no longer needed Democratic support to stay in power.

    He may regret that should the Phil King, et al attack gather any real support and he once again needs support from the Democratic members to retain his post….They may demand more for their votes a second time.


    I see from the Quorum Report that Phil King has sent out a letter to all the members outlining his plans to change the House Rules….As I noted earlier, the big ones deal with placing term limits on how long a speaker can hold office and limiting the years in which a member may chair a particular committee. Both are designed to give the likes of JJ’s The Great Listener a hope that, if he votes for King, he might be able to move up in the House power structure. The other biggie appears to be sort of a “discharge petition” similar to that in Congress under which a bill must be placed before the House for a vote if it has the support of two-thirds of the members. That is 100 votes when is a high, but not unreachable barrier….However, in the current House even if ALL the GOP reps signed up it would still require some Democratic members to get to the 100 total. The House already has a kind of a discharge system for bills that have been in the Calendars Committee for more than 30 days, but it is rarely used. King’s proposal differs in that it apparently would apply to bills that never got to Calendars or which may not have even been heard in a committee hearing—ala the bathroom bill. It will be interesting to see what other “reforms” King comes up in his effort to pry members away from Straus.

  • John Bernard Books

    you sick sick dems…its only gonna get worser…..and worser Dems do like them some some young boys
    “He has long alleged that pedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood and that it’s in part responsible for his best friend Corey Haim’s eventual death by drug overdose.”

    both bill N hill loved going to pedophile ilse…..you sickos.

  • John Bernard Books

    Dems are so corrupt…
    “Pedro Cortes, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, abruptly resigned from office Wednesday, three weeks after his agency came under criticism for a glitch that may have allowed thousands of ineligible immigrants statewide to vote.”

    may have allowed thousands of illegals to vote?……we will get voter ID and dems will never win again…….

  • John Bernard Books

    You just knew making Calif a sanctuary state was a good idea….
    “The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 residents.”


    The more things change the more…..

    On Oct. 18, 1968, the United States Olympic Committee suspended two black athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, for giving a “black power” salute as a protest during a victory ceremony in Mexico City.

  • John Bernard Books

    The more things change the more….
    “The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a probe into a Russian nuclear bribery case, demanding several federal agencies disclose whether they knew the FBI had uncovered the corruption before the Obama administration in 2010 approved a controversial uranium deal with Moscow.”

    is Hillary the new Boss Hog?


    It is clear that Trump is fascinated by military power—so much that he wants to make the Four of July celebration in Washington a giant parade of military forces with planes flying overhead as he watches from a platform high above like Hitler or Stalin in those pictures in their days in power……all the more to show what “big hands” he has…

    But it is also going increasing clear that Trump does not appreciate that those marching men are not toys that you surround yourself with in order to appear powerful but real live people with families, friends and loved ones whose lives have been entrusted to you when you become president. Now that the widow’s family (who he referred to as “that woman”) has confirmed what he said in the phone call he was virtually forced to make by public pressure, it is obvious that, if he sees them as individuals at all, it is as some sort of a hired mercenary “who knew what he signed up for”….whom he is free to use without any consideration of how they might be affected. This makes him a MILITARIST in its worst form.

    Trump should probably avoid such phone calls in the future. To make them work you either have to have some empathy for another person or at least be able to fake it. He can’t,….


    Another outstanding piece from The National Review. This one on the NAFTA treaty….The only problem with it is that the authors apparently came now bring themselves toaccept the reality that Trump DOES NOT WANT an agreement. He wants to cancel the treaty with great fanfare to show his base he is fighting for them. Of course, cancelling the treaty won’t bring back a single job “lost” to Mexico or anywhere else…..If may, however, benefit some tomato growers from Florida…while doing massive damage to the economy of Texas and all the other states who are major trade partners with Mexico or Canada. But, he will have made his GESTURE……which, to him and his “base” constitutes a show of strength.



    I won’t take the block off to see, but I bet the Troll is sizzling in anger…..His favorite state rep,. Ron Reynolds, has announced for re-election and, from most accounts, is favored to win…..The Troll’s problem is that he cannot accept the outcome of an election that he loses. If it does not go “his way” it has to have been fixed……What he cannot understand is that sometimes the voters screw-up. The Trump election is THE example of such a thing.

    • John Bernard Books

      Only a racist or a biased fool would support/vote someone with multiple convictions, 2 large civil judgements and a $50k fine for ethics violation.
      Dems do it daily…..when they ain’t pedophiling….

    • WUSRPH

      I gather the Troll slithered his discontent with the people of Ft. Bend County…..All I know about Rep. Reynolds I read in the papers, as they say…..but with this legal difficulties, etc. I probably would not vote for him if he were my state representative….However, I can speculate that one reason he wins is that he REPRESENTS the views of a constituency that has rarely had that that in the past….being that he is a black and from county that was the last in Texas to hold onto the “whites only primary” to keep blacks from voting or being represented in government.

  • John Bernard Books

    WASSUP says there is not voter fraud
    “The database now documents 1,088 proven instances of election fraud, including 949 cases that have resulted in criminal convictions.”
    and won’t support voter ID
    “Asking for proof of identification at the ballot box hardly seems inappropriate.”


    They say nothing in Washington, DC, happens without a reason…..no matter how hard it is identify….Could the possibility that he might be challenged by someone claiming to be a stronger supporter of Trump than Cruz, had anything to do with the fact that Cruz laid into Atty. Gen. Sessions today about the weakness of Trump’s immigration policy?

    Up-to-now Cruz has been a fairly consistent Trump supporter and has even defended some of his seemingly indefensible statements, etc. BUT today he certainly was trying to demonstrate that He, Cruz, is tougher on aliens than Trump. He pressed Sessions to explain why after nearly 10 months in office the ICE is still working under the “catch and release” policy used by the Bush and Obama Administrations inspite of Trump’s repeated pledges to arrest and derport them.

    Perhaps a little “notice” to those in the Trump camp who want revenge against Cruz for his non-endorsement that they should remember who is the person whose vote they will need for at least the next 14 months if not longer?


    One of the factors in President Eisenhower’s election in 1952 was that the US appeared to be locked in a war in Korea which it could not win—at least by any methods it was willing to use….”Peace talks” between the
    US/South Korean and North Korea/Red China were underway but getting nowhere….Meanwhile the two forces were locked into a nearly World War I style of warfare fighting to take this or that hill and then to have it taken back…No one seemed to have a solution until in a campaign speech Eisenhower declared that, if elected, “I will go to Korea”……what that would accomplish was unclear (and still is today) but this pledge by one of American’s greatest military heroes was so well received that it guaranteed is election over Adlai Stevenson. (Shortly after the election but before he was inaugurated, Eisenhower honored the pledge and went to Korea, met with the
    generals, inspected the front lines and came home…..little was accomplished but his promise was kept.)

    Now we hear that president Trump is considering a trip to Korea and perhaps even going up to the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th Parallel that separates North and South Korea. What he could do there beyond look over into the land of “the Rocket man” and declare our enmity toward him is unclear…..Maybe he thinks he can somehow trump both Eisenhower and President Ronald Reagan by combining Eisenhower’s “I will go..” with Ronald Reagan standing in West Berlin and declaring “Tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev.” In either case it will likely change nothing…….Some folks are afraid that, if he got that close to the DMZ he might be greeted by a talented NK sniper or a rocket. Others fear that, standing there on the Rocket man’s very doorstep he would blurt out something even more likely to provoke the North Koreans than all those remarks he has made to date…Both have good reason to want to keep Trump from making the trip….

  • John Bernard Books

    The vast majority of Texans support Trump:
    “Almost a year after his 2016 election, President Donald Trump’s support among Texas Republicans remains robust. Among Democratic voters, it’s just the opposite”

    they don’t support dems…..dems haven’t won in a statewide election in 30 years…….


    Interesting Texas Poll on Texas Tribune…..no one knows who Beto O’Rourke is….but more disapprove of Cruz than support him…still, assuming he gets thru the primary, Cruz appears to be in fairly decent shape.

    BUT to me the number of interest was the support Trump is said to have among “independents”….that combined with the GOP base is enough to carry Texas again…..Of course, barring some horrible event—such as him attacking NK with disastrous effects on South Korea—I don’t think anyone really thinks the Democratic nominee will carry Texas in 2020. The question will be how bad is it lost…


    • Too Sweet

      Your post presupposes that Texas Republicans might not vote for Trump if he manages to get South Korea annihilated. Seriously? You think the loss of a single small Asian country would get Texas to vote for a Dem?

      • John Bernard Books

        Yes he does…….

      • WUSRPH

        Probably not……but you can hope that it would sway a few….add a few more if he cancels NAFTA and hope for the best.


    The Quorum Report has an article about a “new” PAC aimed at defeating Joe Straus and his allies….It really is a re-tread of the same effort led by Empower Texas’ financier, Tim Dunn, and a bunch of those tied to the extreme right wing “think tank” the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPR)…..but this time it may have links to Gov. Abbott. The war continues.

    BYW, JJ have you asked The Great Listener whether he will vote against Straus….and told him how you feel about it? He did it once….and is likely to do it again.

  • donuthin2

    Just thinking of all the candidates for president in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Any one of them would be a better President than what we now have. But the 30+percent of his supporters never waiver.

  • I dont really care. Trump was nasty and lied about Cruz’s family. I’d never expect him to support Trump. Even so, he has supported Trumps agenda as President. I’d expect real God fearing people to have denounced what Trump did to win.
    I wouldn’t vote for this guy. Sounds like an opportunist hiding behind a bible