Two significant events today:

1. The Michigan Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, rejected a constitutional challenge against shifting the state’s presidential primary forward to January 15. The primary will be held on that date, even though the two political parties are threatening to refuse to seat some or all of the delegates selected.

2. No sooner was Michigan’s decision announced than New Hampshire set its primary for January 8, in keeping with a state law that requires its primary to be held at least seven days before any other primary.

The Iowa caucuses on January 3 — just 44 days from today — will lead off the presidential selection process.

A Reuters/Zogby poll out today shows Clinton’s lead nationally over Obama is shrinking:

October 10-14
Clinton 46, Obama 25

November 14-17
Clinton 38, Obama 27

I’m not a big Zogby fan, so I will point out that two other polls covering roughly the same November period show little slippage by Clinton:

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics:
Clinton 44, Obama 23

Clinton 42, Obama 16

While Clinton slipped, Obabma did’t really gain. She lost 8 points, he gained only 2 of them.