My colleagues Brian Sweany, our articles editor, and Skip Hollandsworth, one of our executive editors, have weighed in with their analysis of the presidential candidate donor rolls for zip codes in the Dallas area, including downtown Dallas, Highland Park, the Park Cities, Preston Hollow, and North Dallas. Givers of note include:

Louis and Julie Beecherl, $2,300 each to Romney. One of the GOP’s main money men.

Debbie and Frank Branson, $2,300 to Edwards. Top-shelf trial lawyers.

Jim Francis, $2,300 to Romney. Longtime GOP political operative who is close to Kay Bailey Hutchison, among others.

Colleen Barrett, $2,300 to McCain. President of Southwest Airlines.

Don and Ana Carty, $2,100 each to McCain. CFO of Dell and former CEO of AMR, the parent company of American Airlines.

Carl and Peggy Sewell, $2,300 each to McCain. He’s one of the biggest Cadillac and luxury car dealers in the area.

Windle and Shirley Turley, $2,100 each to Edwards. He’s a personal injury lawyer.

Tom and Cinda Hicks, $2,300 each to Giuliani. He owns the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars and a billion-dollar soccer team.

Phil and Lillie Romano, $2,300 each to Giuliani. He’s the founder of Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Eatzi’s.

Elaine Agather, $2,100 to Giuliani. Chairman of Chase Bank Dallas.

Fred and Lisa Baron, $2,300 each to Edwards. The Baron in Baron and Budd who has left the firm and is the finance and fundraising guru for the Edwards campaign.

T. Boone Pickens, $2,100 to Giuliani. Iconic oil and water baron; chairman of BP Capital Management.

Merrie Spaeth, $2,300 to Giuliani. Founder of Spaeth Communications; widow of Tex Lezar. If the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were the cast of Ocean’s 11, she would be Angie Dickinson.

Kenny and Lisa Troutt, $2,300 each to Huckabee. He’s the billionaire founder of Excel Communications.

Norman Brinker, $2,300 to Giuliani. Chain restaurant god.

Garrett and Cecilia Boone, $2,100 each to Obama and $2,100 each to Edwards. He’s the co-founder and chairman of the Container Store.

Erle and Alice Nye, $2,100 each to Romney and $2,100 each to McCain. He’s the former chair of TXU (and got out while the getting was good).

Marc Stanley, $2,100 each to Obama and Edwards. Lawyer and Democratic activist who chaired Martin Frost’s last, losing campaign.

Don Templin, $2,100 to Edwards. Lawyer at Haynes and Boone.

Peter Kraus, $2,300 to Edwards and $2,100 to Obama. Asbestos lawyer.

David Laney, $2,300 to Giuliani. Jackson Walker lawyer who is the former chair of the Texas Transportation Commission.

Allie Beth Allman, $2,300 to Giuliani. Powerful real estate broker.

John Antioco, $2,300 to Giuliani and $400 to Dodd. Outgoing Blockbuster CEO.

George Bayoud, $2,100 to McCain. Real estate investor and former Texas Secretary of State under Bill Clements.

Vance and Geraldine Miller, $1,000 each to Giuliani. He is kin to the Henry S. Miller real estate family; she is the chair of the State Board of Education.

Kenneth Cooper, $1,000 to Huckabee. Physician and founder of the Cooper Clinic. (Who else would support the candidate who has lost the most weight?)

Ray Huffines, $2,300 to Huckabee. Huffines Auto Dealerships. Brother James is a big-time McCainiac.

Ronald Rittenmeyer, $2,300 to McCain. President and COO of EDS.

Bill and Rita Clements, $2,100 each to McCain and $500 to Giuliani. Former Governor and first lady of Texas.

Tom Dunning, $1,000 to Obama and $800 to Giuliani. Former Dallas mayoral candidate and homeless czar.

Gerald Ford, $2,500 to McCain. Chairman of the SMU Board of Trustees.

Bruce Hunt, $2,300 to Giuliani. President of Petro-Hunt.

Caroline Hunt, $2,300 to Giuliani. Founder of Rosewood Corp.

William Albers, $2,300 to Richardson. Senior vp at IHP Capital Partners.

George Bramblett, $2,300 each to Clinton and McCain. A partner at Haynes and Boone, he argued the school finance case for the rich districts.

Mike Boone, $2,300 to McCain. The Boone in Haynes and Boone.

Stephen and Karen Jones, $2,300 each to McCain. He is the son of Jerry and COO of
the Dallas Cowboys.

George Killebrew, $500 to Giuliani. Senior vice-president with the Dallas Mavericks.

Robert and Terry Rowling, $2,300 each to Giuliani. He is the zillionaire owner of the Omni hotel chain, among other big-bucks businesses — and a former Bush Pioneer.

George and Sarah Seay, $2,100 each to Romney. Investments wise man.

Shannon Wynne, $2,100 to Edwards. Legendary restaurateur.

Tom Luce, $2,300 to Giuliani. Assistant Secretary of Education who previously ran for governor and ran the early stage of Ross Perot’s first presidential campaign.

Brian Loncar, $2,300 to Edwards. Trial lawyer.

Cappy and Janie McGarr, $2,300 to Edwards and $1,000 each to Obama. A big Democratic power player and the daughter of former Dallas mayor Annette Strauss.

John Muse, $2,300 to Romney. The Muse in the old Hicks, Muse, Tate and
Furst, now known as HM Capital.

Robert and Judith Sambol, $2,100 each to Giuliani. Bob’s Steak and Chop House.

Ebby Acers, $2,100 to McCain. Real estate doyenne.

Jinger and Richard Heath, $2,300 each to Giuliani. She is a cosmetics powerhouse who played David to Mary Kay Ash’s Goliath.

Ron Ricks, $2,300 to Richardson. Executive vice president at Southwest Airlines.

Peter and Lael Brodsky, $2,300 each to Obama, $2,100 each to Edwards, and $2,300 to Clinton. He is a partner at HM Capital.

Mike Myers, $2,300 to McCain. Developer and major University of Texas donor and alum.

Linda and Milledge Hart, $2,300 each to Romney, Giuliani, and Richardson. He’s a developer; they are among the biggest SMU donors.

Timothy Eller, $2,300 to McCain and $2,100 to Romney. CEO of Centex, the sixteenth-largest Texas company on the Fortune 500.

Roger Enrico, $2,300 to McCain. Former CEO of Pepsi, now chairman of Dreamworks Animation SKG (does Spielberg know the chairman is supporting a Republican?).

James and Elizabeth Sowell, $2,300 each to McCain. Subdivision construction.