Continuing our back-of-the-envelope analysis of the presidential campaign donor rolls, here are a few notables from the downtown Austin zip code, where so many of the city’s influentials do business (and, apparently, give ’til it hurts):

Beau Armstong, $2,300 to Edwards. The CEO of Stratus Properties.

Ben and Melanie Barnes, $2,300 each to Richardson, Clinton, and Dodd; she gave $2,300 to Obama. This is on top of the donations that the former lieutenant governor and his wife made to Joe Biden’s campaign

Blaine Bull, $1,000 to Richardson. Founding partner of ViaNovo and founding officer of Public Strategies.

Becky Beaver, $1,000 to Obama and $500 to Clinton. Divorce lawyer to the stars.

Lucius Bunton, $2,300 to Edwards. Former U.S. District Court Judge.

Kent Caperton, $1,000 to Richardson, in addition to his Dodd and Biden donations. Former Democratic state senator.

Kerry Cammack, $2,100 to McCain. Lawyer, Karl Rove pal, and husband of Texas Supreme Court Justice Harriet O’Neill.

Sophia Collier, $1,000 to Clinton. Companion of King Ranch kin Chula Reynolds.

Ken DeAngelis, $1,000 to Clinton. Founder and general partner at Austin Ventures.

Jeff Eller, $2,300 to Richardson. Public Strategies president and CEO who worked in Clinton White House.

Gary Farmer, $2,300 to Guiliani. In addition to the $$ he gave to McCain.

Neal “Buddy” Jones, $2,000 to Guiliani and $1,000 to Richardson. The wily, silken lobbyist and co-founder of HillCo Partners in a practical display of bipartisanship.

Tommy Jacks, $500 to Clinton. Personal injury lawyer.

Dean McWilliams, $2,300 to Huckabee. Like his wife, a big-bucks lobbyist who’s loving on the former Arkansas governor.

William and Carrin Patman, $2,300 to Clinton. She is a lawyer; he is a former state senator and son of the late Congressman Wright Patman.

Jeff Sandefer, $2,100 to Romney. Entrepreneur and founder of Acton MBA program.

Scott Sayers, $1,000 to Guiliani. Consigliere to Ben Crenshaw.

John Schweitzer, $2,000 to Guiliani. Money man with fingers in nearly pot.

George Shipley, $2,300 to Clinton and Edwards. “Democratic political consultant” doesn’t really do him justice, does it?

Broadus Spivey, $2,300 to Edwards. Powerful, well-respected trial lawyer.

James Street, $2,300 to Edwards. Still-venerated UT quarterback.

Larry Temple, $1,000 to Edwards. LBJ pal and aide; big supporter of UT.

John and Julie Thornton, $2,300 each to Obama and $2,300 to Clinton. Austin Ventures general partner and arts patron wife (the sister of TEXAS MONTHLY senior editor Nate Blakeslee) have long played the big-time Democratic donor game.

Bruce Todd, $500 to Clinton. Former Austin mayor whose wife is the daughter of the late George Christian, press secretary to LBJ.